Telangiectasias sounds like a name of tropical disease, while it’s an affliction that one in three people suffers from – that is how broken blood vessels also known as spider veins are names. In the winter season, more of them appear, and sensitive couperose skin suffers a lot from it. How to protect it and take care of it? Meet the best methods and proven cosmetics for couperose skin.

Couperose skin – which is?

Those who have couperose skin know well enough how constant temperature changes impact its condition (e.g. walking out of a warm room into the freeze). Couperose skin is currently a more and more common issue that happens to people of young age. What are the features of this skin type? Apart from characteristic and not very aesthetic spider veins, i.e. broken blood vessels, this skin also tends to react strongly to internal factors (e.g. stress and emotion) as well as external factors (temperature changes, incorrect diet, too hot or too spicy foods, alcohol, medication, harmful atmospheric factors).

Oftentimes, sensitive skin suffers from redness that can be just temporal or constant but also suffer from above mentioned widening blood vessels, i.e. spider veins. Couperose skin prickles and itches and causes the skin to be sensitive to touch and discomfort occur in the area where redness appears. Unfortunately, the cause for skin worsening is often the use of incorrect cosmetics for the face.

Couperose skincare in the winter

Low temperatures and often changes worsen the condition of couperose skin. Moving from a warm room into very cold places (and the other way around) cause increased susceptibility to sensitive skin irritations. In the skincare of this particular skin type, it is essential to be gentle and systematic as to the hydration as well as supporting the blood vessels so you should reach for special nourishing cosmetics, e.g. serum created especially for this skin type. The winter cream for couperose skin should protect it against freeze and water loss so it should contain emollients and very delicate ingredients.

Couperose skin – make-up removal and cleansing

The winter care of couperose skin starts the moment you remove your make-up. Thorough yet delicate and noninvasive skin cleanse can be done by using the right micellar liquid for your skin type. Perfect for this skin type is also washing foam that removes all make-up residues and dirt while sparing your skin the irritations. However, avoid all the cosmetics that contain “exfoliating” in the name because abrasive texture or alcohol can trigger skin irritation.

When it comes to couperose skincare you should go for cranberry, chestnut, and diosmin which strengthen blood vessel walls. Those ingredients calm skin and lessen blood vessel brittleness. Because in the winter the sun rays are equally strong as in the summer (the sun reflects off of the snow) – you should always wear a cream with protection against UV rays.

In order to provide the skin with an immediate soothing effect, improve its appearance and protect it against the freeze, go for special cream enriched in green pigment that is able to camouflage redness: perfectly regenerates and reduces redness.

Special treatments for couperose skin

You probably already figured that an invasive exfoliator or strongly cleansing mask with irritation triggering ingredients can worsen the situation and the condition of couperose skin. However, there are special treatments dedicated to using at home. Once a week use the mask for redness that at the same time will tighten blood vessels and strengthen them. Thoroughly cleanse with a special yet gentle enzymatic exfoliator that is not abrasive to the skin is the perfect choice for couperose skin.

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