By now, you probably thought that hair gadgets are things like hair grip, scrunchy, comb or hair brush. However, there are plenty of other accessories, which will make easier conditioning of scalp and hair. We can bet that about some of those you haven’t heard in your life. Fortunately, most of them you are well aware of.

Something for the head

Plastic caps, thermal turban heat wrap and hood dryers are gadgets necessary for every hair lover. Plastic cap can be used two ways. Firstly, during treatments with oils. Between cap and skin creates heat, which accelerates absorption of nourishing ingredients. Secondly, plastic caps protect hair during bath. Thanks to them hair will not be subjected to humidity. Thermal turban heat wrap has similar properties as previous gadget. However, it is much more effective, more comfortable and perfect for every conditioning hair treatment. Hood dryer looks like futuristic hat. How does it work? You put on a hood to which is attached dryer. Hot air gets through the hood’s material and effectively dries and stylises hair. It does not damage hair like the classical blow dryer.

Something for the hair

There is special equipment for clean of hair brushes. It looks sort of like miniature rake. Those are used for removing of dust, dandruff, hair and other impurities, which gathered while brushing hair. This gadget has metal teeth, which make it so easy to get rid of all kind of dirt. Of course, that does not mean that you can skip wash or sterilise of combs and hair brushes. Another great accessory for every hair lover is colourisation brush. It will ease every colourisation treatment of roots. Good quality scissors should be in every cosmetic bag of women who value well stylised hair style. Scissors have to be sharp and made of material that doesn’t cause allergic reactions and of high quality. Best is to invest in professional scissors. They will come handy in fixing your bangs at home. Cut will be easier thanks to hair clip. It is a plastic clip, which should be placed along the cut line.

Something for cosmetics

Bottles, measures, packagings. All of those come handy for preparation and storage of home made cosmetics. For mists use bottles with atomiser, for oils – bottles with pipette and for mix of ingredients – measuring cup with scale.

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