We dedicate a lot of time to our eyes, face skin, hands, hair and the body skin. However, very often we forget about proper care of our lips, which are the most in the harms way with adverse external influences. We will enumerate few of the most popular problems with the lips skin and the solution to them.

First of all, we should discuss a bit an anatomy of the lips. Our lips are covered with a thin layer of the stratum corneum, they don’t have sebaceous glands and don’t contain much of the melatonin – it all causes them to be almost “naked” and deprived of protection. Very sensitive lips and the lips area are easy to damage. What are the most common problems?


Cracking lips skin is a very common problem of many people without regard to the appearance, sex or age. There might be couple of reason for it, i.e. licking and biting the lips (out of stress), dry air, low temperature, or even often lip make-up with permanent lipsticks. How to fight against dry lips? Firstly, stop liking and biting them and start to protect them with balms, vaseline or oily balms.


Herpes simplex virus is enabled in the seasons of lower immunity. The most important is hygiene of the lips and skin in the lips area, but also application of the antiviral ointment that will dry the cold sore and heal the lips. Other lips condition is angular cheilitis, which is a painful crack in the corner of the lips. Their cause is mainly deficit of vitamins, iron, bad hygiene of the oral cavity or taking antibiotics. In such case you need to eliminate those causes and undergo symptomatic treatment with proper pharmaceuticals.


Wrinkles in the lips area are a problem that appears with an age, however it maybe highlighted by smoking cigarettes (so called “smoker wrinkles”) or excessive facial expressions (i.e. twists, smacks, tightening or smiling). Unfortunately, there aren’t many brands of creams on the market that would have prevent the wrinkles in the lips area, so all that is left to do is to use anti-wrinkle facial serum.


Lips discolourations may appear during hormonal treatment (i.e. contraception), while pregnancy or excessive UV radiation. In case of discolouration tendency you should use creams with high UV filter.


With the time the colour of the lips becomes less visible. Pigment is fading and it is taken for the ageing sign. The solution to this problem is only make-up – permanent for better effect or just everyday usage of lipstick, balm or lipliner.

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