Every day make-up isn’t difficult? You’re wrong. Despite application of cosmetics with not so intense colours, it is not always easy to match them in a way that they would look good on our face. The most problematic are usually lips. Lip make-up or maybe not? Nude lipstick or just some balm? If lipstick then what shade? On those (and many more) questions we answer below.

Nude lipstick is one of top trends for many years now. It’s a classic; very commonly chosen by women who are not brave enough to wear red lipstick. In this make-up technique we are brightening our lips colour, so its tone would be more similar to our complexion. The most important is to cover natural pink or raspberry shade of our lips with soft neutral beige. Contrary to appearances you can make some mistakes, which will give you look of the corpses.

1. Concealer instead of lipstick

Many of you tries to take a shortcut here. Since concealer is applied on the face and covers redness and imperfections, then it will work the same on lips; as a result you won’t have to buy a nude lipstick. You couldn’t be more wrong. Concealer may dry out your lips, and they’ll start to flake and look chapped. Its colour will equalise with skin complexion and make you look pale as a ghost.

Nude-Lipstick2. Wrong lipstick tone

We go to the chemist’s and put in our basket first beige lipstick we can find. That is yet another major mistake that can bring similar effect as concealer. Lipstick should always be chosen according to our skin complexion – it should never be brighter then our face skin. Pick a cosmetic with about one tone darker colour then your skin. Avoid lipstick with too much of white or brown pigment, because those will make your lips look flat.

3. Wrong lipstick shade

We talked a bit about tones of lipstick, but there are also different shades of nude lipsticks. If you choose incorrectly you will look fake with over the top effect. Lipstick’s colour can be picked while applying to those three rules – for fair skin shades of pink, peach and salmon, for medium skin a bit golden nude and for dark skin caramel nude.

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