There are women who have no lipstick in their vanity bag. However, large number of them actually like to have some colour on their lips, more or less. In the second group is many different women, and it all depends on the lipstick colour they like. What the colour of favourite lipstick tells about woman’s character?


Classical red lipstick is a must have of every woman, who knows that stylish and elegant make-up in Audrey Hepburn style works every time. If you like to wear red lipstick then it means you are constant in your believes and faithful to old Hollywood style. It relates not only to fashion, because women with red lips are also constant in relations, faithful, loyal and consistent.


Nude shades on lips are a sign of self-confidence. If you like nude lips then certainly you feel good in your own skin. You do not need intense colour on your lips to look and feel beautiful. It is highly probable that you are a minimalist and most of all you are aware that your beauty do not need accessories, because the power isn’t in make-up.


Pink lips are an indication of girly look, because it highlights freshness of the face. When you decide on bright pink you show that you don’t care what others will think about you. Lips in shades of pink are a domain of women, who want to be in the centre of attention, arouse the interest and cause sensation. They are usually faithful to their believes and do not pretend to be someone their are not in front of themselves or others.


Plum shades on lips can be interpreted doubly – on one side as an elegance and sociability, but on the other side like you are subdued and want to hang back. Violet lips can magnetise, ensure compliments and drag you in the social life. There is also a risk, that with violet lipstick you will intimidate and push away many people, who will take it as a manifestation of your independence or that you think your better than them.


Dusky rose is an indication of fineness and mildness. It is usually met in everyday make-up, because it is quite natural. If your favourite lipstick has light pink shade then you can be perceived as a person who do not do much, but succeeds anyway. Even when you don’t invest in make-up and use natural pink shade you look good and gain a lot.

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