Make-up trends tend to surprise us lately. There were seasons where we had matt, neon and gradient lips. However, with the upcoming spring new trend developed – crying lips, which are… blurred from crying lips. Weird? not necessarily.

Certainly, many of you noticed that right after crying face seems to gain radiant look. How is that possible since face never looks good while crying? Half an hour after crying is enough for the face to become fresh. Tears make eyes look naturally vitreous, moist and radiant. After crying cheeks become slightly pink and lips soft and a bit tumid. It turns out that woman’s face after crying can be sexy.

What is crying lips?

The newest make-up trend, i.e. crying lips is a make-up in which we make our lips look like after crying. How does such lips look like? Crying lips are soft, subtly pink and without edges definition. They are full, and not because of more intense colour, but natural tumid caused by crying. How to make lips look slightly blurred? You need to cry or… apply some make-up trick.

How to have crying lips?

Making crying lips, which are so popular among bloggers isn’t that difficult. Let us introduce crying lips tutorial. Before we start it is worth mentioning that for the crying lips make-up best are lipsticks in natural colours (nude, peach or pink) so they match natural complexion of the lips.


At the beginning apply lip balm, pencil or lipstick in chosen colour on the central upper and lower lip. Next with the finger tip distribute it on the entire lip surface, in the “stamp” motion. Difficulties in administration of cosmetic can be overcome by using some colourless lip balm, vegetable oil (e.g. coconut) or other moisturising product (e.g. honey or vaseline).

To underline crying lips you can move the colour a bit above the upper lip, so it would fade in cupid’s bow. This step will not only give expressive look to the lip make-up, but will also imitate optically bigger upper lip, like right after crying. It is important in this make-up, for lips products to not only stick to natural lip contour, but to slightly cross their edges.

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