First wrinkles appear around our 30s. The causes for them are usually: too low water level in the organism, lack or improper skin care of face, life style, fatigue. Of course you know all ways of taking care of your skin, you use plenty of cosmetics and you visited beauty parlour several times. Nothing helped? Perhaps, the cause for wrinkles to appear is related to health issues. Think about it, because maybe you just need to do some tests to eliminate all diseases and discomforts.

What do the wrinkles on your face can tell you?

Horizontal lines appear on the forehead when something worries or surprises you. They can also indicate improper level of sugar, water and fats in the body. Vertical line, near right eyebrow tells you about problems with liver and near the left one – about troubles with spleen. Horizontal line localised in the upper part of nose is often characteristic for people with allergies. Crow’s feet are the most recognisable wrinkles. Those appear with people who have weak sight and often squint. Significantly visible lines of smile appear with people who like to laugh. Those can also be a sign of health issues connected to pancreas or high level of sugar in the blood. Vertical lines over upper lip are a sign of recognition for smokers. Dimple in the chin is not only the element of man or woman’s appearance. This dimple appears when you suffer from depression or you are frustrated.

acne-explainedHealth problems are also indicated by other imperfections visible on face. Puffiness and dark circles around the eyes are a sign of issues with kidneys and sleep. Heart diseases are common for people whose skin of nose is red and organism tired. Spots on lips (white, dark or blue and violet) suggest presence of parasites in the large intestine or weak blood pressure. Double chin indicates enlarged thyroid gland. High level of cholesterol can be recognised by dark circle around the iris. High blood pressure caused by stress or energising can be observed with people who have emphasised veins on the temples.

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