Certainly, many times you wonder about how do stars do that? On each photo they look stunning, beautiful, radiant and young. It is said that it’s all thanks to great cosmetics, impeccable make-up performed by make-up artist and the appropriate light. It’s not all! Lately, came to light one little secret of stars’ beauty, and it’s called squinching. What is it? How to use it?

The technique of squinting

Peter Hurly, New York photographer, has reviled the secret of stars’ beauty lately. To fulfil the camouflage make-up and good light stars use squinching, which is the correct technique of squinting the eyes. The name comes from fusion of two words squinting and pinching. Sounds ridiculous? Thanks to this method Hollywood stars and world famous celebrities look impeccable in every photo. It relates to professional photo shoots, pictures from the red carpet and even…selfies!

The key to success

Squinching is a method much better than the “duck face” and sucked in cheeks. What difference will make slimming our face if wide open eyes make us look unfavourably. The tension of the lower eyelid is the key to perfect face in every photo. It may seem as a barely noticeable trick, but the difference is huge. In a free time, it is worth to track down few photos of the stars and observe how they eyes look in front of the camera.

Squinching – How to do that?

The trick with squinting for the photos is a simple method, where we optically narrow our eyes. The tension of the lower eyelid and the subtle squint of the eyes is supposed to give them cat’s eye shape, make them magnetising and the entire face to look more beautiful. Squinching optically profiles and slims down the face, so the look would seem more sexy. Past few weeks, showed up plenty of online tutorials on how to perform squinching in practice.

Practice makes perfect

Squinching seems too difficult for you and in photos you rather look unfavourably than beautiful? It’s normal when you try something new – that you’re not entirely aware of yet. Go through handbooks, watch tutorials and practice in front of the mirror; it is the best method to learn squinching.

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