Cupuacu butter is extracted from the seeds of cocoa grown in the Amazonian basin. In Brazil, cupuacu fruit is a treat and it’s used to make juices and sweets e.g. white chocolate and ice cream. Moreover, this gift of nature offers lots of cosmetic uses: moisturises and nourishes the skin, works like a natural sunblock. Cupuacu butter-infused cosmetics are faster-absorbing. Its hair benefits are invaluable, too. What other cosmetic uses does cupuacu butter conceal?

Cupuacu Butter INCI: Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Butter

Cupuacu butter – ingredients & cosmetic uses

Cupuacu butter contains anti-inflammatory phytosterols, unsaturated omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins, antioxidant vitamins A and C, a lot of phosphorus. All these active substances make cupuacu butter a multitasking cosmetic:

  • for face skin e.g. a cream which reduces wrinkles and doesn’t clog skin pores
  • for body care e.g. a firming and moisturising lotion
  • for hair care e.g. a conditioner which improves the consistency of DIY products

How does cupuacu butter work for hair?

Cupuacu butter gives hair repair and enhancement. Thanks to the ingredient, hair doesn’t lose valuable nutrients and it keeps the moisture at the same level. Consequently, tresses are elastic, soft and shiny. Cupuacu butter works similarly to the sunblock (creating a protective layer on hair) and lanolin (a high absorption of water). Cupuacu butter is anti-inflammatory so it prevents hair damage, thinning and scalp inflammation, ensuring the proper function of hair bulbs.

What type of hair will benefit from cupuacu butter?

Cupuacu butter is the best for low porosity hair which is stiff, hard to style and easily weighed-down. Low porosity hair gets greasy fast, therefore you can easily weigh it down with wrong products. Cupuacu butter will condition low porosity strands because it has a high concentration of two saturated fatty acids. Due to a similar amount of omega-9 acids, it can be applied to medium porosity hair, too. However, cupuacu butter won’t satisfy the needs of highly-porous hair because it includes scarce quantities of polyunsaturated fatty acids; consequently, it may leave damaged hair frizzy, dry and dull.

How should you use cupuacu butter?

You can apply cupuacu butter directly to the scalp and hair, mix it with different oils or add it to other cosmetics (ready or home made) for better results. If you want to use it for a hair oil treatment, you must heat it up first. Added to DIY beauty products, cupuacu butter lets you get the right consistency.

Cupuacu butter – price

Unrefined cupuacu butter – the only form that is skin and hair-friendly – has many uses. It works as an ingredient in products for the face skin (night creams, neck creams, scrubs, serums, washing creams and lotions), body skin (after-sun lotions, sun creams, body lotions and exfoliators) and hair (masks and conditioners). Cupuacu butter is going to deliver excellent care to greyish, tired, allergy-prone, easily-irritated, mature, dehydrated skin (which feels tight). It’s good for over-processed and colour-treated strands. Such a versatile product must cost some money but no worries – the price reflects the quality.

Cupuacu butter – reviews

Cupuacu butter receives good reviews no matter the function it fulfils. It delivers amazing effects when it is used for skin and hair care. Contrary to most butters, cupuacu butter doesn’t leave a sticky layer after the application, which is another asset.

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